Tone’s Food Review: The Cooperage Inn’s Pot Pie


Full disclosure, I’ve been to The Cooperage in Long Island a few times and tried different things on the menu but the star is absolutely the pot pie! Fresh baked pot pies, made to order, fresh ingredients, the chicken chunks literally are off the bone.


The pot pie comes in a round porcelain bowl, of course eaten with a spoon. The crust top has designs of leaves, which adds to the overall pleasurability of this dish.


Nothing short of fucking amazing and borderline orgasmic. The chicken is so tender, the cream sauce inside is just amazing and the crust on top, my favorite part is flaky and delicious.


Overall, this is a place you must try for lunch or dinner, though I’m rod brunch is good too. The drinks are good, my personal favorite is the mojito, which is made perfectly. If you do go to The Cooperage you gotta have the star, the myth, the motherfuckin legend, the pot pie! Pot pie gets a 8.5/10

Cooperage Inn

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