Aaron Rodgers Just Got Paid!


Aaron Rodgers just got paid, not a little paid, not a lot paid, MEGA fucking paid. Rodgers signed a record $134 million dollars which could reach over $180 million dollars in incentives with a, ready for this number, $103 million of that guaranteed money. Don’t get me wrong, besides Tom Brady, right now he is the best QB in the game but this contract sets a precedent for future QB’s. This number will be broken and most likely be shattered before it’s all said and done, leaves the door open for mediocre QB’s to ask for Rodgers type money and you know what? They are going to fucking get it and will be handed with a smile. Between Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham, there’s a ton of money being spent in the NFL right now. You can probably make the argument that Rodgers is worth this money also in my opinion will most definitely win a super bowl before Odell does. I’m not even confident that Odell ever will given the fact that Eli probably has at best 2 productive years left before it’s like just roll the fucking cart to retirement for this guy. Then what? Then there’s a new QB and with Odell’s attitude, if it doesn’t click right away then it never will. I digress and these guys get paid, god bless America!

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