Yankee Thoughts:Judge Is Out on Aaron


With the Yankees dropping last nights game to the White Sox 6-2, we got updates on the multiple injured players. Didi Gregorius is feeling better and said he could play if he had to but “not sure if the Yankees will let me”, Gary Sanchez honored in his rehab game last night and is progressing, which brings us to Aaron Judge. Manager Boone said that Judge still has pain in his wrist and can’t throw a baseball 100%. This is bad news as we are getting closer to September and the home stretch of games, we need our star, our face, our heart! I’ve said this for awhile now, I truly believe if Judge puts up the numbers he has the last two years that he is our new Yankee captain. His loss in the lineup has been felt and just the overall demeanor is different without him out there. The Yankees can not afford to lose to the White Sox especially after the run they have put up the last 10 games, previously going 8-2. Here’s hoping for a bounce back win, we definitely need it!

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