What Ever Happen To: Limp Bizkit


What the hell happen to Limp Bizkit? Remember when Nu-Metal was the hottest genre and Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park we’re tearing up the charts. I remember such hits as “N2gether Now” and “My Way”, the band’s flamboyant lead singer Fred Durst who was connected to just about everyone but what happen? Where did they go? Turns out they are still making records and are currently working on their new album “Stampede of the Disco Elephants”. All the original members of the band are still in the lineup minus their famed producer/dj DJ Lethal. Amazing stuff for a band that has sold more than 40 million records….and counting. Personally I remember watching WWE back in the day and watching The Undertaker come out to “Rollin” and just thinking this is some badass shit. In an age of failing record sales, let’s see how these guys keep Rollin!

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