Yanks Need To Take Care Of Business


The Yanks begin a 3 game set tonight against the O’s, time to take care of business! Sure the Yanks won’t have Judge, Didi or Chapman but an O’s team that was struggling with a Manny Machado or a Zach Britton should struggle even further since both have since departed to greener pastures. The Yanks have not been able to take care of business so far against the birds but they MUST do so this weekend, they need to beat up on these mediocre teams going into September if the Yanks are to have even a remote shot at the division and/or defending their one seed for the wildcard. Stanton must continue to step up as well as Andujar and Walker. Resident pedestrian players like Greg Bird or Gardy have to step up, though we need the starting pitching and bullpen to be solid going forward.

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