Yankee Rantzone


I’ve been a die hard Yankee fan since 1994, I’ve seen the glory years of 1996 to 2000, totally basked in 2009 and had dreams of seeing my beloved guys in Pinstripes bring home another ship this year. Between the massacre in Boston and now Severino throwing up a stinker against the Mets, the god damn Mets! The Mets who keep flip flopping standings positions with the Marlins, the best we can do is 8-5. This team needs Aaron Judge more than ever because I don’t see one leader on that field that just says get on my fucking back and let’s get this. Didi and Stanton as well as my ROY Andujar are playing but where is everyone else? Greg Bird, a joke! Gleyber Torres, looking more terrified at the plate as we go on, Gardner, well we loved you Gardy but my boy Harper is a coming, Hicks, too inconsistent. That brings us to the real issue, our baby manager and his horrendous use of this bullpen, granted you can’t control what your starter does but you gotta go with the guys that are winning, Chad Green, playing like shit! Britton, looking like a god damn double agent right about now. This team is going to need to pull their shit together if we are to make the playoffs and go far.

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