Defense wins in NFL, right?

Sol Moyal

This offseason has seen several offensive players get paid. And i mean PAID. Sammy Watkins?? Seriously? The guy has had ONE 1,000 yard season, like 3 years ago. Brandin Cooks, Jarvis Landry, and Todd Gurley just made a boatload of guaranteed money. Odell’s next. Deandre Hopkins already got his.

Teams are spending more money on offense and less on defense than ever before. What happened to defense wins championships? Well, for starters, last year, two of the top 5 teams in scoring defense met in the Super Bowl. What followed was over 800 yards passing between the two teams, and a score that looked like an exhibition game. Nick Fucking Foles looked like John Elway in that game. The NFL has curated the rules to benefit offenses, and it’s showing. As such, top flight defensive players: Aaron Donald (2017 DPOY), Khalil Mack (top 3 edge rusher in football), and Earl Thomas (HOF safety, and multiple time All-Pro) are all sitting like ducks, holding out waiting for their teams to pay them. And the only one that looks like just maybe he’ll get a deal is Donald with the Rams. Seattle will almost inevitably trade Earl Thomas, lest they lose him to free agency next offseason and receive nothing but a compensatory pick in return, and the latest word out of Raiders camp is that Khalil Mack is on the trading block!

Teams are simply more and more unwillling to shell out top dollar for defensive talent and I can’t blame them. Aaron Donald is entering his fifth season with the Rams and has been stud since his rookie year. After years of mediocrity with Donald dominating the league, the Rams were good only last year, once they got a good coach too pair with Jared Goff. If he’s so important to the success of the Rams, why weren’t they winning all those years with him? Next: I guarantee you if something happened to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks will regress to a total dumpster fire. We already saw what happened to the Raiders last year when Derek Carr got hurt. I’m sorry, these guys just can’t carry a team to wins. A QB can, and that’s why teams are spending more and more money on the offensive side of the ball – surrounding their quarterbacks with firepower to help them succeed.

In the 2018 NFL, QB’s and offenses are king. Just something to consider.

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