NFL Preseason: We care right?

Sol Moyal

Boom-an important player on an NFL team suffered a season-ending injury in PRESEASON. It was reported Friday that Washington Redskin Derriuce Guice, whom a lot of people predicted to have a breakout rookie season, tore the ACL in his left knee. Last year it was Julian Edelman and Odell Beckham Jr. and….every year seemingly, notable players get injured because the NFL has been playing a 4 game preseason for a way too long and it’s a “tradition”. Oh, and let’s not forget that the NFL is the most greedy major sport, so if they can get in a few extra games to pump in revenue, the owners and the league are going to be very resistant to changing that. Fuck that, damn it NFL! When your stars are playing, the money and ratings will inevitably go up.

Cut the damn preseason down to 2 games! If you’re really looking for the extra revenue, tack on a couple of games to the REGULAR SEASON. Fans would be thrilled, getting to the playoffs would be that much more competitive and exciting, and you’ll get all the money you would have made in those preseason games + much much more.

P.S. Not only are the preseason games an extra opportunity for players to get hurt, the games absolutely SUCK. Hopefully the NFL considers this and reconfigures this shitshow.

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